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Laser F/X Rave/Party Specialists

Aegon Laser @ Metropolus in Montreal

Laser F/X originated the Laser Dance party 26 years ago. Since then we have provided thousands of exciting performances for millions of people internationally

DPSS laser projecting a cone effect

What makes our shows so much better, special and different from those dull repetitive shows you see elsewhere?

  • Our laserists are very experienced, we know and enjoy rave and dance party music...
  • We choreograph vivid and exciting laser beam and graphic F/X to the music with split-second timing...
  • We ‘play’ the laser and lighting systems in time to the music as one would play a musical instrument...
  • We know and love the music - we know the best places for the best laser effects.....
  • We perform our shows live using a blend of manual controls and advanced computer technology...
  • We have a library of thousands of frames of animations, beam effects and abstracts - in fact we supply other laser companies with laser clip-art... our award winning work can be seen in the best venues and clubs throughout North America, Europe, Asia and world-wide....
  • We love to party!

Visit the EFFECTS section to find out about the different types of effects that laser shows can produce.

Visit the SYSTEMS section to find out about the equipment we use for our shows.

Visit the GALLERY section to see images of our show in action and reports from recent shows we have performed.



To enhance the party, we control the lights and the lasers so as to choreograph a total visual experience that enhances the DJ’s music...

DPSS laser projecting a roof of beams

With 26 years experience in producing and performing some of the biggest and best parties, we know the best laser and lighting effects to combine with the music to provide a dynamic visual experience for your audience.

Our compact and light-weight yet fully equipped solid-state laser system can operate anywhere in the world (Universal voltage).  Our system is small enough to fly with us as checked baggage (excess baggage charges may apply) yet still deliver an impressive and entertaining show.

Visit the BOOKINGS section to get more information on our services, rates and staging requirements.

Once you have booked us, visit the RESOURCES section to get logos for your flyers and other promotional material.

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While we specialize in dance and party shows, we also provide services for corporate events such as trade shows, new product introductions, etc.  We can provide compact laser systems for small and medium sized displays that run on regular wall outlets.

Laser billboard at a woodworking trade show - Photo Courtesy of Derek Garbos

Our compact, reliable, high visual brightens, solid-state DPSS laser is suitable for small and medium corporate events to add impact and

  • Awards ceremonies - Project your corporate logos and winners names in laser.

  • In-house corporate meetings - Logos, product animations, or an introductory/closing laser show to get participant's attention

  • New product announcements - Special effects for unveilings, reveals or to add excitement and drama to the announcement.

  • Trade shows - Draw attention to your booth and products  with dynamic overhead laser signage or in-booth laser graphics and animations to get and keep passerby's attention.

  • Laser Billboards - Silent salesman to promote your product or brand through eye-catching animations, text and graphics on either regular billboards,  in the lobby, pre-show, or even on the side of your building.

Corporate show rates for our standard DPSS laser system are the same as our Dance/Party performance fee rates [see RATES] for the use of the laser system with additional discounts for multi-day engagements.  There are additional costs associated with any custom programming required for your event.
Consider adding the excitement of laser to your next corporate event at very reasonable rates - E-mail or call us for details and a quotation.

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SpedcScanCV-Pro "Plug & Play" system

Need a professional laser system for your venue?  Laser F/X are manufacturers representative for a number of leading European and North American vendors.
We can supply complete "Plug & Play" DPSS laser systems with graphics and animations starting at $9,995.00 US$ - and complete "Plug & Play", high power [5+ watts], air-cooled, multicolour beam show systems starting at $14,000 US$ direct from the manufacturer.
If you need a professional quality system with an endless variety of complex computer controlled scanned beam effects, text, graphics and animations, or if you need components and upgrades for your system, contact us by E-mail to shows<at>laserfx<dot>com with your needs and budget or visit our SALES page.  We can arrange anything from a custom system built to your exact specifications, to reasonably priced, off-the-shelf, "Plug & Play" systems you can purchase direct from the manufacturers we represent.

NOTES:  The prices mentioned are for the basic models; prices vary according to laser power and options.  Prices shown are "ex-works" which means "at the factory door"; packing, shipping, insurance and import costs are not included.  End User is responsible for any certifications that may be required to operate the system in your jurisdiction.



Laser Clip-art Buton

Laser F/X has an extensive library of AWARD WINNING laser clip-art available for sale at reasonable prices.  We have lots of dancing animations so our clip-art is very popular in clubs.  For more info, visit the SALES page.

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