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We bring our digital camera to the show we perform and take lots of pictures.  This page has links to selected illustrated reports on some of our shows:

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Coming Soon

27 June 2003:
Snow Wolf Productions presents FURRY PRIDE 2003 - Club 160, Toronto.


Past Shows

May 02-04.2003:
Winnipeg weekend with TWO MAJOR SHOWS, a high school dance and a club night, in conjunction with Crystal Sound, Manitoba's Leader In Recorded Music.


April 19.2003:
Uncannee Productions presents RESURRECTION 2 - Kamloops BC.  A great party in the interior of BC with a variety of DJ's and styles.


April 10.2003:
Vaughan Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS.  A dinner and awards event to honor some of the top businesses in the Vaughan area


April 5.2003:
Nightmare Productions presents RETURN TO THE UNDERGROUND 5 at the Opera House in Toronto.  A night of hardcore fun!


January 18.2003:
Purple Heaven's OBLIVION party.  A combination or breaks and trance music kept the sold out crowd dancing all night long!


January 10 & 11.2003:
CLUB VOX in Ottawa is a spacious club with a large dance floor and go-go dancers gyrating on a catwalk above the crowds.  DJs Big Al and Fletch spun mostly urban music.


January 4.2003:
DJ Laserus presents DARK RAVE - The Opera House, Toronto
The Opera House on Queen Street was the venue for Live PAs by Dark Soho & Haujobb as well as great DJ sets.  Sorry folks, I forgot my camera so no pictures :(


December 19.2002:
Club Phoenix London presents ALL-AGES PARTY - London
An all-ages dance party at the magnificent Club Phoenix in London featuring resident DJs playing a combination of club anthems, hip-hop and rap.


December 07.2002:
Nightmare Productions presents THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS - Toronto
Enter an amazing world filled with magic & wonder as we celebrate this joyous holiday Nightmare-style. Nightmare Productions, the “pumpkin kings”, have decided to spread Christmas joy to the underground, using their dark and twisted talents to create their own brand of Christmas with a twist.


July 26, 27.2002:
Dansons Avec Shiva presents NATURA 2002 - Inverness, Quebec
An outdoor party held in a clearing in a. The event was even bigger and better this year with an even bigger sound system, tents over the DJ booth and the equipment.  It did rain which put a damper on the fun but it was still a wonderful party


DECEMBER 30, 31 & Jan 1.2000/2001:
Akashic Productions presents MOROCCO 2001 - Ouarzazate, Morocco
A trance party on a desert island with the ruins of an ancient Kasbah as the backdrop.  The promoters promised to usher in the dawn of the new millennium with a blending of traditional music and trance.  The Event turned into a poorly managed fiasco and the promoters never shipped our lasers systems back to us as promised.  We lost both of our touring rigs and has to suspend operations.


NOVEMBER 17.2000:
Technocratica & Paradiso present TRANSPLANT 3 - Novi Sad, Serbia (Yugoslavia)
Psychedelic Techno Trance Party featuring DJ Greg (Greece), DJ Sun (Beograd) and Live PA by Analogue Synthesis (Novi Sad). Featuring an extensive report on the rave scene in Serbia (Yugoslavia) - large page with many images.


OCTOBER 27.2000:
Massive Productions presents FRENZY - Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Massive Productions invites you for one hell of an event featuring the legendary founding father of techno, JUAN ATKINS. Returning to Halifax is JOHN ACQUAVIVA representing the PLUS 8 CLASSICS World Tour. Never before in the history of Atlantic Canada has such an important and impressive line-up ever been assembled.


OCTOBER 7.2000:
Bad Boy Club Montreal presents BLACK & BLUE 2000 - Montreal, Quebec.
Held in the Montreal Olympic Stadium this massive party is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes with massive moving lighting rigs, image projections, video visuals and multiple full colour laser shows.


SEPTEMBER 30.2000:
Moonlight Productions and Soundwave Productions presents TRANCEFORMERS - Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Winnipeg's biggest rave ever attracted some 2,600 partiers and offered one vast main arena, and two smaller rooms in the entertainment building on the Morris Stampede grounds. Featuring DJ's Commander Tom, Marco Dux Baby, Dr. Trance, Form & Chaos, Trek-E and locals.


SEPTEMBER 23.2000:
Nexus Tribe presents NEXUS GATHERING 6 - Edmonton, Alberta.
A great party held in Edmonton out in the countryside under heated tents. Three huge tents and a variety of music and DJs to satisfy all tastes.


DSU Presents ELEKTRIK - Halifax, Nova Scotia
The main event of Dalhousie University's "frosh week" was this great party starring local DJs Funk Dub and Zoo, along with renowned DJ/Producer, Humate, from Germany.


AUGUST 11.2000:
Void Productions Presents TOTAL ANNIHILATION - Guelph, Ontario
A Phat party held in the Guelph Memorial Gardens which were well decorated for the occasion... Great tunes and an excellent vibe made this 2,000+ party a winner!


JULY 28-30.2000:
Dansons avec shiva presents NATURA 2000 - Inverness, Quebec
A three day outdoor party held in a clearing in a maple forest. The event was even bigger and better this year with a much improved sound system, all trance and Goa music, and a cool clear evening with no rain to spoil the fun!


JUNE 16-18.2000:
- Tweed, Ontario
In the beginning, there was an OM. It is the sound of the universe which gave life to all that surrounds us and binds us to our mother earth. With the start of the new millennium our voices have begun to unite, offering new ideas and directions on changing our quality of life. Through this common vision we gain better understanding of ourselves and of our purpose.


APRIL 23.2000:
Bal en Blanc Management and Divers Cité present BAL en BLANC - Montreal
Bal en Blanc is one of the major parties thrown in Montreal celebrating spring by inviting party goers to dress in white. The line-up included DJ NiceB [Montreal], DJ Deepdish [Washington, DC], DJ Stephan Gondin [Montreal], DJ Peter Raunhoffer [Austria] and DJ Danny Tenaglia [New York]. There were also live performances from Little Eric, Featuring Jason Taylor & Lipps, and the Couch Potatoes [Nouvelle Cuisine Recordings].


APRIL 8.2000:
G House & Hemlock Resort presents WINTER LOVE - Vancouver
All night snowboarding, Big Air Contest, fireworks, electronic music festival with live PA by Union Jack, our laser shows and a killer outdoor party in the snow covered mountains just outside Vancouver - a fantastic combination!


APRIL 1.2000:
Def Star Productions presents ASCENSION 2000 - Edmonton
Massive party with a great vibe featuring the legend of the decks, Paul Oakenfold.


MARCH 18.2000:
Massive Productions Presents RESONANCE - Halifax
Held in the massive soundstages of Tour Tech East, the main room was spacious with high ceilings and perfect acoustics. A massive flown Mayer sound system produced crystal clear highs and pounding bass....


FEBRUARY 4.2000:
Big Kids Productions presents THE SIDE SHOW - Winnipeg
Good decorations, great vibes and billed by the Winnipeg Sun as "Winnipeg's biggest rave ever". 1,600 people gathered to dance to Madam Zu, Chris C, John Doe, SOS and more...


JANUARY 22.2000
Extra Terrestrial Brothers Productions presents FROSTEE III - Vancouver
Plaza of Nations building on the old Expo site in Vancouver with Sharp Boys, Mac Zimms and Cziolek and more!


OCTOBER 10-11.1999:
Bad Boy Club Montreal presents BLACK & BLUE - COSMOS 1999 - Montreal
The annual Black & Blue party is put on by the gay community of Montreal to raise funds for AIDS research. This year, and estimated crowd of 30,000 people attended the spectacular 14 hour party that is noted for it's live shows and visuals.


JUNE 26.1999:
Nightmare Productions Presents H-Y-P-N-O-T-I-Z-E-D - Toronto, Canada.
The Opera House in the Broadway/Queen area was the setting for this Nightmare's second anniversary party.


MARCH 19.1999:
Void Productions presents ANNIHILATION - Desert Inn Ballroom, Guelph - Canada
The Desert Inn Ballroom has one of those old time sprung dance floors that are so great to dance on <G> A fun crowd showed up early ready for some serious beats...
Laser F/X at Void-LG - Argon system at Void's "Annihilation" party in Guelph



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